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Riney Ronquillo Soule's creditors' rights attorneys help creditors secure payment of a debt from promissory notes, defaulted loans, lease agreements, guaranty agreements, unpaid accounts, contracts and judgments, and foreclosure of secured property. We also regularly represent financial institutions and commercial landlord clients in forcible detainer actions and the defense of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) claims, Texas Debt Collection Practices Act, usury, and wrongful foreclosure claims. We also represent commercial creditors in bankruptcy.

Our attorneys have substantial experience litigating promissory notes, breach of lease, guaranty agreements, unpaid accounts, breaches of contract, and similar claims in State and Federal Courts throughout Texas on behalf of financial institutions, lenders, material and equipment supply companies, commercial landlords, investment companies, business service providers, and manufacturers and distributors. We also domesticate and enforce foreign judgments for out-of-state judgment creditors. At the outset of each representation, we identify potential collectability issues and impediments to devise cost-effective strategies to maximize recovery and secure judgment and payment for our clients.

We have a successful track record of locating and preserving assets and securing payments of debt for our clients, whether through voluntary or negotiated payments following demand, post-judgment discovery, tracing funds through financial transactions, pre or post-judgment remedies such as garnishments, temporary restraining orders and injunctions, writs of execution, sequestration, and turnover orders, securing or foreclosing liens, asserting fraudulent transfer claims, and other permissible means. Our success in recovering money for our clients stems from our attention to detail, unwavering persistence, tech-forward professional resources, and cost-efficient in-house processes.

We work with you to employ efficient, cost-effective solutions to these everyday legal needs. For high-volume needs, we partner with you to create systematic and affordable programs backed by high-quality litigation skills. In cases arising from more unique situations, we use our combined decades of litigation experience to customize a strategy designed to maximize your results while minimizing costs.


In addition to the specific areas mentioned above, we also have extensive experience representing construction industry clients in the following types of litigation matters:

Bank Representation
Breach of Contract Claims (Enforcement and Defense)
Commercial Lease Agreements
Creditor Bankruptcy
Financial Institution Representation
Forcible Detainer / Eviction
Local Counsel Services
Mechanic's Liens
Mortgage Defaults
Promissory Notes
Servicer Representation
Unpaid Accounts
Investor Representation

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